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Kate Middleton's Most Controversial Outfits

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Ever since she became the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has always made headlines when it came to her fashion choices — good or bad. And while the royal is known for her more conservative wardrobe, that doesn't mean the duchess doesn't have her fair share of accidental outfit mishaps and looks that fans can't help but critique. 

And while Kate, like everyone else, isn't perfect, it's hard to deny that she's been the subject of unfair scrutiny regarding her ensembles (see: her 2017 Royal Ascot dress). It's also worth noting that her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, has worn a few controversial outfits herself. Which is further proof that whether you've been in the British monarchy for over a decade or just a few years, you still have to follow royal protocol — and you will eventually break it a few times. 

There are instances, however, where the duchess could take (albeit unsolicited) advice into consideration. Case in point: The royal is known for wearing real fur on a number of occasions, which many people have called her out for. Something we can get behind, though, is Kate's love of recycling her favorite looks and inspiring fans to have a more sustainable closet. 

It's clear that despite having sophisticated style, when you're a royal, everyone has something to say about your look. Ahead, Kate Middleton's most controversial fashion moments. Which outfit surprised you the most?